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Takeaway Meals

Mon-Wed 5.30–7.30p.m & 8.30-9 p.m
Thurs, Fri & Sat 5.30-7p.m. & 9–10 p.m.

All prices and information are accurate as of January 2017 so please check at the restaurant for up to date pricing

All food freshly cooked so your patience is appreciated, especially at busy times. Also consider how far you will transport your food. Unless you are a neighbour, avoid most starters, dishes with batter and noodles.

Medium spicy unless you request ‘Mild’ or ‘Spicy’.
If you see a chilli, don’t eat it. It is added for flavour only.

Most main dishes on the menu can be adapted for vegetarians. We can also adapt dishes if you have any food allergies but please note that even though we are very careful not to mix ingredients there are some products over which we have no control and which may contain substances that we don’t know about.

See Events Page for our Xmas menu and for our Valentine Menu 2016 (on Saturday February 13 as we close on Sundays)

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